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If life teaches us anything, it’s that everybody makes mistakes—but especially when writing a novel that spans 415,000 words. That’s what happened in A Dance of Dragons when the infamous Cersei Lannister was identified as a male during her “walk of atonement.” It’s a minor slip-up that diverts the tone from heartfelt pain to lighthearted humor. Shame, shame.

A good story is as compelling as it is consistent. And that’s why Amazon Global Publishings has professional copy editors ready to ensure your manuscript’s quality holds from the first page to the last line.


What is Copy Editing?

Copy editing is where the manuscript is fine-tuned regarding grammar, spelling, punctuation, and fact-checking. The purpose of copy editing is to make sure that the language and the writing style are what the writer intends while making sure that the book is readable. Copy editing is the process that ensures that your book's tone and style are the same throughout the book and that the text reads as one cohesive story with proper grammar and spelling.

A professional copy editor will make sure that your manuscript is error free while checking for:

  • Fact checking.
  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling.
  • Story continuation, such as plot, characters, dates, and setting.
  • Style and tonal consistency
  • Anything you might have overlooked while writing.

What does our services include?

The copy editors will make sure that your manuscript is free of all types of technical errors by looking at the whole manuscript thoroughly looking for mistakes

  • Provide you with a track copy of your manuscripts to see all the changes being made.
  • The number one thing a copy editor will do is correct all kinds of mistakes when it comes to grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax.
  • Make new paragraphs, so the text is easily readable without breaking the flow of the story.
  • The copy editor will fact-check your file, especially if the book is nonfiction making sure that there are no factually incorrect statements present in the book.
  • Keep track of your story, ensuring there are no discrepancies in plot points, characters, and setting.
  • Ensure the book's tonality and style match the story and that the text flows seamlessly by eliminating superfluous sentences and improving the prose to better convey the writer’s idea.

I just completed my book and got the book editing done, I appreciate how though the editor was in catching little discrepancies and errors in the text that I missed while writing the book. The communication was clear and I was able to convey what I wanted to the editor with ease.

- Judith, Author