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What is book formatting?


How you see a book online or read things in a magazine is essential to the reader's experience. The page's structure influences the reader's experience because it guides the readers throughout the story. Book formatting is done, so the book reads like a professionally edited book and is as essential as the main cover design.

We will provide you with your book's best interior design and formatting. Our expert book designer will use professional design software to take your input and vision for your book and make a custom design unique to your manuscript that will reflect the theme of your book. We will send you copies to review and make changes until you approve.

Interior Book Design (Manuscript Formatting)

The last thing you want is for your writing to look amateurish because of lousy formatting and interior design. At first, it may look like not a lot goes into formatting and designing the interior of a book; it is just a simple layout, nothing else. When in fact, font size, page number, spacing, paragraph breaks, page color, images, graphs, and all sorts of design elements are considered when designing and formatting a book's interior because it can tell if you have put care while producing the book.
We will send PDF proof before publishing for the author's approval. We provide formatting for eBook manuscripts as well as Print manuscript formatting (Both Color Text and Black Text Design.)

Black Text Design:
  • A unique customized layout for your book that meets the industry standards that will enhance the reading experience.
  • Perfect layout for general fiction, poetry books, biographies, and novels.
  • Black Text printing, even for images, if included, will be printed in grayscale.
Color Text Design:
  • For books that include text, color images, and graphics for a better visual impact.
  • Ideal for Cookbooks, Coffee table books, Photography books, Art books, and children's books.
  • Text, images, and graphics will be in full color in print.

Before & After Samples

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I am pleased with my book's interior formatting and design. The designer for my book communicated well, was quick to respond and was very patient with me. The book design is precisely what I wanted; because of them, I published my book on time.